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281 INC
19:58 19 Aug 17
Great Place!! The staff is friendly and very helpful, cozy office with lots of other services available not just tattoo removal. My first session was less than 10min. I look forward to going back again and getting more ink removed.
MissHolly Marie
23:42 10 Jan 17
I went for laser tattoo removal and Donna was very thorough, diligent and informative. I learned about how the laser tattoo removal works, and proper aftercare. She was great!
Candace Knutson
19:30 22 Apr 14
AMAZING!!! I have been going here for tattoo removal treatments and everyone is very professional, tell you exactly what to expect, and are friendly and welcoming. I feel very comfortable during my treatments and already have 2 of my tattoos completely removed without a trace left!!! I couldn't believe that there was no scar either! The office is very clean, like a doctor's office, and I would certainly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable place to have tattoo removal or hair removal.
Prakash G.
17:50 22 Sep 13
AWESOME, great results!!! I loved this place, probably the best laser skin clinic in town. As a man, i felt very comfortable and hair removal results surprised me. Since then I purchased another package at this place and brought in my guy friend, who is very happy about his newly hairless back! This place is professional, very clean, the staff is very friendly. On a small downside, it is rather hard to get scheduled for Saturday - they are very busy, so plan ahead if you want to get in on Saturday.
Adriana Navarrete
20:30 05 Jan 18
I went in for a laser removal tattoo consultation. I felt very comfortable with the young lady that saw me that I decided to get first treatment done that same moment. She was very fast and professional, and explained after care and all. I will be coming for the remaining sessions due to a Groupon gift, and will continue to come for remaining if necessary of the removal of my small tattoo. Very clean and nice place, surely recommend to check it out.
Tracie Bradford
03:46 22 Feb 18
Amazing facility and amazing staff - would highly recommend to anyone!!
Cuong Pham
20:45 01 Jun 18
Tattoo removal You're going to get burned and Yes it's hurts really BAD. But staffs here will be as gently as they can be to make you feel comfortable. 5 stars services
Sara Miller
15:54 07 Jun 18
Love everything about Inkfree! They are so welcoming and friendly. I got the Hollywood Laser Peel a few weeks back and I was a little nervous. The team calmed my nerves and talked me through the whole procedure. They were right... the treatment was painless. I am definitely going back to get a few more treatments before my wedding!
14:38 19 Jun 18
Inkfree Md turned my life around. I am so grateful to God that I found them because they were actually used by God to perform a miracle on my face. I have had this very bad spots all over my face and my upper lip was so dark like I have beard, this was going on for years and I spent so much money going from one facial clinic to the other, they will promise to help me but at the end of several treatments, no cure, time wasted, money gone. It’s annoying to hear them try to convince me to try another treatment, this means all they have been doing with my face was trial and error. From the first day I stepped into inkfree md, they knew what my problem was and they were very honest to me. I started the treatment and lo and behold, it’s a miracle to see my face clear again. They are also very professional and very friendly, they care so much for their patients and their positive results. Donna, is amazing! I will recommend them to the world, they are incredibly more
Priscilla Lim
07:43 03 Aug 18
Laser tattoo removal without a doubt is excruciating. I can't even sift through my mind to find the right words to describe how painful the process is. It's like nothing I've ever experienced and unfortunately, something that I'll have to experience until my tattoo is gone. The domain of my tattoo is the size of three bills placed beside one another, so that's a whole lot of surface area to cover. In one session I endured and allowed for the entire tattoo to be lasered instead of small increments, and I need at least twelve sessions. Have you ever been bitten by an army of fire ants and felt the sting of their venom spread like wildfire? Essentially, you're getting zapped with a laser in the attempts to eradicate the ink particles that have been injected into your dermis. Your lymphatic system will help clear up the ink debris, and you'll begin to see the tattoo fade as each session passes.There is a numbing cream that you can apply thirty minutes prior to the procedure (which doesn't really work), as well as a machine that blasts cold air onto the surface of your skin during the laser removal (highly recommended because it slightly helps take the sting away). I always mentally prep and brace for the pain. Fortunately, I have been able to drive myself home, but I highly advise that you bring a person along for support and to take you home.This facility does offer a customized payment plan. Laser tattoo removal is agonizing, so I suggest you think about the long-term effects of why you got that tattoo and the latter of why you want it removed because it's an exhausting and pricey process.Ms. Donna works with me, and she is very comforting and genuine. She helped me through this unpleasant process by making it more more
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Inkfree, MD
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Stephania Garcia
Great tattoo removal experience! I am almost done. The staff definitely makes you feel comfortable. Thanks a lot!
Daniela Restrepo
I loved it! Totally coming back, the staff is great. Thanks � thanks �
Apple Lopez
i love this place really nice .the ladies really friendly with you take care of you nicely �� I am glad that I found this place because they have good prices anything you need you will find it ink free MD really good I feel relaxing talking with nice people have good mood always
Sandra Shorrosh
Oh Donna thank you thank thank you for the service you provide. Having my tattoo lazered off and I won't lie I went in without any topical pain reliever and guess what? The machine she uses does have a sting but the other device she uses also cools the skin during the process. If you are looking for a place that is run by professionals. This is the place to get that procedure done.
Jessica Love
The ladies are very nice, professional and knowledgeable. I've been coming here for a year for treatment and the office is always clean. My tat is fading beautifully!!! Thanks Donna
Kellie Malone
I was just there yesterday to have a treatment and I loved the service!! I had a treatment done through groupon and I wanted to get my mom the same treatment but didn't know if she would qualify and they offered to let me bring her in and if she did qualify then they would only charge me the groupon price, I love that they offered. And the doctor there explained everything to me in detail and answered all my questions, as a nurse I love it when doctors explain everything so that it is clearly understood. I bought another package this morning for a different service since I was so pleased with the first more
Tohnee Sanchez
I've been coming here for over a year already and have had quite a few treatments on various areas of my body. I planned on getting me entire body done here! Love the professionalism and atmosphere. I am extremely happy with the results! 🙂
Marjan Heshmati
Quality of work and service is excellent.I am very happy with the result
Jose Gomez
Good service, quick and not painful,I recommend coming here
Sonia Riley
Ink Free MD worked well for me. I would recommend it because it is safe with minimal side effects.
Kessia Goeb
I did lazer hair removal and the result was great,I recommend this place. Amazing!!!!
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Inkfree, MD
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Sarah S.
2016-06-15 15:15:25
So thankful for Inkfree, MD! I went to 2 other places for laser tattoo removal and my small tattoo had barely faded at all. After only 3 treatments with...
Priscilla L.
2017-08-03 21:41:49
I'd have to say.. laser tattoo removal absolutely 100% hurts like hell. The first session I went through felt as though I was having hundreds of fire ants...
Marie L.
2017-01-11 16:59:13
I went to Ink Free MD for laser tattoo removal. I was going for treatments at Dr. Tattoff, and they suddenly closed their doors, leaving me with 1/2 of my...