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Dermaplaning is a noninvasive skin resurfacing technique that exfoliates the top layer of the skin resulting in a healthier and smoother complexion. A small surgical blade is used to carefully and safely scrape away the dead skin cells and peach fuzz. This treatment is an excellent way to prepare the skin for other aesthetic skin care procedures, such as chemical peels or laser sun spot removal. Dermaplaning is also ideal after laser hair removal because it removes gray and blond hair and the remaining fine hairs that are not completely eliminated after receiving the recommended number of laser hair removal treatments. Dermaplaning is safe for men and women of all skin types and should be performed once a month for optimal results.

To prepare for a dermaplane treatment, simply wash your face with soap and water and do not apply any products or make-up on until after the treatment. There is absolutely no down time for this procedure and you can resume all regular activities immediately after. Your skin will look refreshed, revitalized, and more youthful in as little as 15 minutes!


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Dermaplaning - Before and After

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