Marine Corps Tattoo Removal – New Regulations

Marine Corps Tattoo Removal – New Regulations

Many of our laser tattoo removal patients are young men and women who desire to enlist in the armed services. While each branch has its own specific regulations, earlier in the year the United States Marine Corps updated their tattoo policy seeking “to balance the personal desires of Marines with high standards of professional military appearance and heritage,” according to a statement posted on its website. This new policy has spawned new Marine Corps tattoo removal requirements.

To avoid any misinterpretation, the Marine Corps published a detailed illustration with designated red zones where tattoos are not allowed and a 12-page set of rules which includes the following general guidelines:

  1. Marines can have an unlimited number of tattoos that are covered by their “physical training uniform,” which consists of a green t-shirt and shorts. But it bans tattoos on the head, neck, inside of the mouth, wrists, knees, elbows, and hands. The only exception to that is a single band tattoo of no more than three-eighths of an inch in width is permitted on one finger. […]
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Does laser tattoo removal leave a scar?

Today, lasers are the most common method of tattoo removal. They work by targeting the ink with pulses of highly concentrated light that break the ink into tiny fragments, which are then cleared away by your own immune system. However, this isn’t all done with just one treatment. The more treatments you have, the more the laser can penetrate to destroy the ink. But, the more treatments you have, the more damage you do to your skin, causing painful blisters and scabs that can eventually lead to scarring. Experts in removal therapy say that technology has advanced to the point where scarring is minimal, sometimes non-existent, but this can vary depending on the situation.

It is important that after each procedure you follow the aftercare instructions. If you do so, you have a less than 5% chance of a scar. Your risks are increased with a history of scarring, darker skin or a history of keloid formation. We will discuss all these risks for you during your consultation and will not perform the laser treatment if your risks of scarring are too great.

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Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Since “does laser tattoo removal hurt?” is perhaps the most common question asked by our patients, we asked our Doctor to provide some medical insight…The pain of laser tattoo removal is similar to getting a tattoo applied, a stinging and burning sensation. It has been compared to the feeling of a rubber band snapping or your skin or even the popping of bacon grease (however there are no yummy smells involved.)  The big difference is that removal is achieved in a matter of minutes, not hours and we are generally older, wiser and not under the influence of, ahem…shall we say liquid

The pain of laser tattoo removal is similar to getting a tattoo applied, a stinging and burning sensation. It has been compared to the feeling of a rubber band snapping or your skin or even the popping of bacon grease (however there are no yummy smells involved.)  The big difference is that removal is achieved in a matter of minutes, not hours and we are generally older, wiser and not under the influence of, ahem…shall we […]

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How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

There are multiple factors involved in calculating this, primarily how big the tattoo is and how many treatments you will need. Most of our competitors use a system that involves calculating how many square inches your tattoo is. Why is this difficult? For one, most tattoos that we see are not square, they are a myriad of shapes; anchors, butterflies, “Moms,” tribal bands, wedding bands but certainly never square. Secondly this is a very subjective method. If you’ve got a ruler or a tape measure, you would need to measure the length and width at it’s largest dimensions, then multiply those two numbers, then…..FORGET IT!

We pride ourselves on having a straightforward, easy to understand pricing system that doesn’t involve complicated calculations based on square inches. Get out a quarter and a dollar and see which one covers up your tattoo. Our extra small tattoo can be covered by a quarter and the price is $50 per treatment. Two quarters would be a small for $99 per treatment. A tattoo that’s bigger than two quarters but smaller than a dollar is a medium for […]

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Worst Tattoo Contest – Texas Inked

Texas Inked magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to tattoo culture in Houston and Texas is running a “Worst Tattoo Contest” and the lucky winner will have their tattoo removed by us – for FREE!

Submissions are being accepted from March 9th until March 27th at You will need to submit a photo along with a brief description about your tattoo.

More information can be found at and their Facebook page.

May the worst tattoo win!!


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Can you remove permanent makeup with lasers?

Cosmetic tattoos (permanent makeup), medically known as micro-pigmentation are procedures that have been gaining in popularity in recent years. While some ladies have beautiful results, others have been not quite as lucky. Many people assume that since their makeup was tattooed on that we can use a tattoo removal laser to laser it off. Our answer to them is that it occasionally may work, but in most cases it does not.

Laser removal of tattoos, including permanent makeup, is usually done with a q-switched laser that makes the pigment shatter into tiny particles that are then engulfed by cells in the skin’s immune system. Depending on the color of the pigment, this can occasionally be done. If the color is closer to black then the chance for success is greater. If it is brown, or lighter there is always a chance that the ink can oxidize with treatment and actually become darker. Additionally, it may affect the hair follicle and you may lose hair permanently. If it is red, this would then require many regular treatments to get through this phase. No guarantee can […]

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Speeding up laser tattoo removal healing

What can I do to speed up the healing process after laser tattoo removal?

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways to ensure your skin heals properly after laser tattoo removal. After receiving a laser tattoo removal treatment, your skin will immediately appear white, and may seem red, swollen or even blister. Within a few days, a scab will appear which is comprised of dried blood and other fluids.

This is a normal reaction and is indicative of a healthy immune system. However, a poor diet prevents the wound from healing properly. It is important your diet contains enough vitamin A, which helps to form tissue. Vitamin B5 accelerates the healing process and vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen and elastin. A deficiency in vitamin B1 can interfere with collagen synthesis and a shortage of it can also slow the healing process. Vitamin E also helps heal the skin and zinc stimulates the healing of a wound.

Finally, consuming extra protein is helpful when there is injury to the skin as it’s made up of protein and needs this to manufacture […]

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Will My Tattoo Be Completely Gone After Undergoing Laser Tattoo Removal?

The efficacy of laser tattoo removal depends on a number of factors. Certain bright colors are more difficult to remove than the standard black ink. If the tattoo was applied by a professional tattoo artist as opposed to an amateur application will also be an important factor. In addition, the older the tattoo, the easier it is to come off. Finally, and most importantly, the placement of the ink on the skin and the pressure the tattoo artist places when applying the tattoo will factor into the lasers ability to shatter the ink.

So in general yes, laser tattoo removal will completely remove a tattoo. However, there are instances when the tattoo will fade but not be completely removed. In some cases, the ink is applied so deeply in the skin by the tattoo artist that by the time the laser energy hits the ink, it is not strong enough to break it down completely. It is always best to schedule a consultation first and get all of your questions answered so you have a realistic expectation about the laser tattoo removal process.

At […]

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Avoid sea salt scrubs to remove tattoos

We recently have had several inquiries into whether or not you can remove tattoos with a sea salt scrub after some recent YouTube videos have surfaced. While salt is an abrasive and does have some use in facials and exfoliant scrubs, it will not clear or remove any tattoo ink. The skin has two layers: the dermis, or inner part of the skin, and the epidermis, or outer layer of your skin. When you get a tattoo, the ink travels past the epidermis, or superficial layer of skin, and into the dermis.

Rubbing salt onto the epidermis is easy but useless as to remove the tattoo ink you would need for it to penetrate the dermis which is impossible without extensive damage to the epidermis. Attempting to do so will only lead to a rash which can cause an infection, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation or eventually scarring. For the same reason, creams such as Wrecking Balm and other methods which claim to fade a tattoo – actually involve harsh abrasive methods with a mild and essentially ineffective cream. The only way to effectively removal an […]

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Houston Bridal Extravaganza

We are finally unwinding from participating in the Houston Bridal Extravaganza at the George R. Brown Convention Center. One of the highlights was actually seeing Randi Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress fame. He’s even cuter in person! What a treat to meet so many lovely brides, grooms and their entourages. Wedding bells will be ringing across Houston for sure!

As a preferred vendor we gave away $1000 worth of laser services to one lucky winner, and signed up over 300 brides for a free laser session. With all the preparations involved in planning a wedding, it’s very important for a busy bride not to neglect herself. What better way to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best for your special day then with laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal or a fabulous VI Peel.

Inkfree, MD at the Bridal Extravaganza

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