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Laser Tattoo Removal

Removing an unwanted tattoo is an easy procedure done in a matter of seconds to minutes. It typically takes just 5-15 of these short sessions for complete removal.

Whether a tattoo has faded or is no longer a desired part of your look or lifestyle, Inkfree, MD can help with the use of our advanced laser technology. Our FDA approved lasers are the most advanced on the market today and are specifically designed to remove all colors of tattoo ink. We have the best capabilities in Houston to remove all colors of ink, including bright blues and greens on all skin types.

Tattoo fading creams are ineffective and using the wrong laser can cause permanent scarring. Our highly trained staff of doctors and certified laser technicians can offer you a safe, compassionate and affordable way to achieve the look that is best for you!

The lasers that are the most effective in removing tattoos are Q-switched lasers, a way of producing very high powered, rapidly pulsed energy bursts. The incredibly fast and powerful wavelengths of light are selectively absorbed by the colors in the ink. It does not damage the surface of the skin, the epidermis, but targets the ink under your skin, the dermis. The laser’s light then shatters the ink into tiny particles that your body’s immune system eliminates safely and naturally.

Inkfree, MD is the only laser tattoo removal clinic in Houston to use two different lasers. We have an Nd: YAG system call the Spectra Lutronic which targets black, red and brown ink and an alexandrite system, called the AlexTrivantage which targets blues and greens. Our competitors use lasers based on ruby systems such as the Quanta and Astanza systems. While they are effective on blues and greens, the ruby cannot be used on darker skin tones and has been known to cause burns and scarring if used incorrectly.

Because our Q-switched combination laser is the most advanced on the market today, Inkfree, MD is uniquely positioned to offer the most effective and state of the art way to remove tattoos, including bright blues and greens. With enough time in between treatments and an individually designed removal plan, we are able to completely remove most tattoos on all skin types with minimal discomfort and risk of scarring.



Before, During and After Photos – Tattoo Removal

The following photos are real and unadulterated examples of the outstanding results we’ve provided our laser tattoo removal patients at our Houston clinic.

In addition to the typical before and after photos, we’ve included various examples of in-progress treatments. These illustrate the rapid removal results we are able to achieve with our unique two-laser approach. Many customers come to Inkfree, MD after lengthy and unsuccessful treatments with competitors.

Scroll through the photos, or click any to open the slideshow.

Tattoo Removal Q&A With Dr. Okeke

Tattoo Removal Treatment Pricing

We pride ourselves on having a straight forward, easy to understand sizing and pricing system that doesn’t involve complicated square inch based calculations. Simply read the chart below to estimate how much your laser tattoo removal will cost per session. Tattoo removal treatments can be purchased individually or in recommended packages. Package discounts of 15% (split payments) or 25% (upfront payment) are available.


$59per treatment
  • One quarter can completely cover the tattoo


$119per treatment
  • Two quarters can completely cover the tattoo


$149per treatment
  • Half a dollar bill can completely cover the tattoo


$239per treatment
  • One dollar bill can completely cover the tattoo


$419per treatment
  • Two dollar bills can completely cover the tattoo


$539per treatment
  • Larger than two dollar bills

TOPICAL ANESTHETIC CREAM: For pain relief applied on the skin 20-30 minutes prior to treatment – ONLY $7 PER APPLICATION

 Pay for all the recommended treatments at one time and receive a 25% discount. We also offer a 15% package discount for split payments (2 or more installments).
 Inkfree, MD receives many referrals from our satisfied patients, so we would like to thank our loyal customers. If your referral purchases a complete tattoo or hair removal package with us, you will receive a 15% discount* towards any one laser treatment. Your referral must mention your name at the time of their initial consultation.

*This special cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount

 Inkfree, MD is pleased to offer all United States active duty personnel a 15% discount* towards any laser tattoo removal treatments. This includes individuals who are actively engaged in the recruiting process.

*This discount cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount

Gift cards are available for any treatment. Please contact us for details. Call 832-478-5669 or click.


If a patient purchases a package discount with us, and completes the recommended number of treatments by our highly trained staff and the tattoo ink is still visible, we will provide free laser tattoo removal treatments for up to one year following your last paid treatment.

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International and JCB.

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Inkfree, MD also accepts CareCredit®, the leading provider in patient financing.

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REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY: We maintain a No Refund Policy and require at least a 24 hour notice to cancel any appointment.

Tattoo Removal After Care Instructions

Click HERE for our After Care Instructions